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Whether you book a concert online, an in person concert with Hanna Mia you will get a unique experience with storytelling & music


Hanna Mia will tell stories and perform folk songs related to the Icelandic tales. She also opens up the space for questions about Iceland, its people, culture and all in between.

Since the pandemic Hanna Mia has successfully hosted over 100 online concerts with participants from more than 26 countries, with guests varying from hen parties in India to team meetings for Google, Zoom, Capital One and more. For a specially tailored experience please send me a line here

2022 Eurovision Pre-Eliminations  (221)_edited.jpg

After many years in the industry, having played concerts in four continents and participated in the Icelandic semi finals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Hanna Mia is a live act you do not want to miss!

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