After writing a song a day for a year, Swedish/Icelandic musician Mill, has created an album with selected songs in chronological order from the project. It starts with song #365 "Woman's World "and ends with song #1 "Just Write"

Album name:
Woman's World (365 Days)

Artist: Mill

Release June 21, 2019

See all the 365 videos:
All videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/milltunes/videos


Woman's World (365 Days) by Mill


After one year I am finally done with my A Song A Day project. To celebrate, I got the band together and we recorded a selection of tracks from the year. We decided to go with a diverse range of songs to represent the different sounds. I hope you enjoy it and that the project can inspire more artists to spend time doing what you love. Doing it is about as frustrating as not doing it.


Why I started the Song A Day project.

A year before I started the project I would be so hard on myself during the composition process, that I lost the joy of creating. The further I got in to writing a song a day for a year, the less I cared about writing a perfect song. It was more about just doing it and being proud of actually finishing something. I learned to let go and enjoy the process instead of focusing too much on the outcome and what people thought about it. There is so much happening online so if you do something mediocre or "bad", people mostly just forget about it. If you do something good, then that is what they remember.


Some days I came home after a long day of work and school and I could not believe I had to sit down and write a full song. But the more I did it, the easier it became. In the beginning I used to clean to procrastinate writing a song. A year later, I sometimes write a song to procrastinate cleaning.


For the last 100 songs I was running out of things to write about. Luckily I found a book called "Good night stories for Rebel Girls 2". The history book has given me inspiration for my 100 last songs that are all about women all around the world who have done great things.

The A Song A Day project ends with the title track "Woman's World" which is the first song on this album. The songs are then hand picked in chronological order backwards and ends with song #1 from the A Song A Day project.



Album Review
12 July 2019


Music & Lyrics: Mill
Transition #1 & #2: Sævar Helgi Jóhannsson
Recordings, Mixing and Production: Elvar Smári Júlíusson
Piano: Sævar Helgi Jóhannsson
Bass: Iðunn Snædís Ágústsdóttir
Gutar: Árni Freyr
Drums: Páll Cecil Sævarsson
Violin: Agnes Eyja Gunnarsdóttir
Drum recordings: Einar Vilberg
Mixing assistance: Kristinn Sturluson
Mastering: Bjarni Bragi Kjartansson

Artwork: Nellie EHM Söhr Jonstam
Graphic design: Elvar Smári Júlíusson
CD Printing: Haraldur Leví Gunnarsson



Thank you to the following musicians for sharing the stage during the song a day project and helping develop the sound of the songs.
Vocals: Sara Blandon & Edda Björk Jónsdóttir
Drums: Svanhildur Lóa Bergsveinsdóttir & Kristofer Rodriguez Svonuson
Guitar: Martin Ferdinand
Clarinet: Jón Böðvarsson

Thank you Bjartur Guðmundsson for being the motivational coach I needed to keep going through this project. Thank you Hlynur for always being patient and willing to wait hours before watching Game Of Thrones as I was writing the song of the day. Thank you mom for liking every single video, and everyone who have been supporters of the project alongside her. Thank you to the dancers who made the visual album possible. Thank you to the band who have been such a big part of this project and life. Thank you Elvar Smári Júlíusson for recording, mixing, designing and producing this album. I could not have made it without you.


Performing song 365 on the last day of the A Song A Day project
RÚV - Icelandic National Radio - 19 June, 2019

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Airbnb Experience & A Song A Day
North to South - 11 May, 2019

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A Song A Day - 100 songs done
RÚV - Icelandic National TV - 1 October, 2018

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