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Hanna Mia

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Growing up in Stockholm, with an Icelandic mother and a Swedish father, moving to Germany as a teenager and then back to Iceland in her mid twenties Hanna Mia has always stayed rooted in her music. She started writing music as a child spending the summer holidays in Iceland and recorded her first song at the age of 10 on the family keyboard in her father's home in Stockholm 2001.

Ten years later Hanna Mia releases her first EP “Banana Tree” that she records and releases independently in Berlin and pays for the printing, taking place in her neighbor's basement, by taking 20 copies out on the Bergmannstrasse street in Berlin and busks until she has enough to pay for the rest of the CDs.

heritage Hanna Mia brings a unique cultural mix of expression to her audiences, writing and performing in several languages. With heartwarming humor and storytelling she brings joy to the crows during and in between her songs.

After growing up in Stockholm, Sweden Hanna Mia moved to Berlin when she was 19 years old to work on her music and released her first EP and full length album independently 2011/2014.


After five years in Germany, she returned to her second home, Iceland, to build her music career from momentum of a collaboration with Germany’s top YouTubers, through the #WomenCreate project run by Google in 2016. Eventually collaborating with some of Scandinavia's most legendary musicians she is honored for her active work on equality and anti-discrimination. Her songs explore themes of identity, love, injustice and human rights. Performing with humor and intention, Hanna Mia is known to immerse her audience in a journey that is both fun and empowering, making time fly and fill hearts with joy.

For the past three years 2017-2020 she has studied New Media Music Composition at the Iceland University of the Arts and has been performing with her band at various festivals all over Iceland.

The pandemic of COVID-19  may have put a halt to the industry, but not on her perseverance. She partnered up with Airbnb to continue hosting the living room concerts she has been giving in her cozy Reykjavik home since 2019, online. In December 2020 she released her EP “Winter Songs”, giving popular christmas songs written by women a new, jazzy twist, while reminding the world of the female talent that powered these songs into existence. Hanna Mia has released music independently since 2011.

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