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Approaching 30, in two years, I feel it is time to do what I love. You can try this at home.

I often do things that other people or our culture tell me is appropriate, instead of doing what I like. Example: I like to play soccer. I don't like going to the gym. So why not find some people to play soccer with instead of going to the gym? I always wanted to illustrate my own music.º People tell me it is important to work with others. I have done that and it was nice, but I still want to make it myself. So I should illustrate more for my music.

I always wanted to write and share with others. I am afraid my mother will think it is revealing, but I know she will love me anyway, so here is the blog I have tried to start the past two years.

º Illustrate music meaning: album covers, website doodles, posters etc.

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