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Haggis for breakfast

No, we didn't really have haggis for breakfast. We had a lot of other meats and blood sausage with egg and beans. What a treat it is to be in Scotland! I enjoyed every second of it and did not want to leave. When planning a UK tour I had not envisioned more than half of the concerts being in Scotland, but now I am very grateful for it. It felt like being in Iceland with a few more trees and the sheep looked a bit different. It felt like home.

We met up with Becky who does the Airbnb experience "Tea With Naughty Sheep" and who got us our first gig in the Black Bull Inn Garthmore. I attended Becky's online experience "Meditation With Naughty Sheep" during the pandemic, and now I finally got to cuddle with the sheep in person. They ate a bit of Emily's hair and then we had a lovely supper in Becky and David's house. Their house looked like it was right out of the movie The Holiday, and I sometimes had a look around to see if Jude Law was anywhere to be seen. You never know.

Becky and David were probably the only audience members under 60 at the gig that evening. When Emily said "We're sorry to drag you out here on a Sunday when you all have work tomorrow" we got a unison answer "No, we don't work". As I apparently don't see age I asked Emily afterwards if she thought there was a high unemployment rate in the village. That's when Emily pointed out their age, and I watched the video and saw the people falling asleep next to Emily and I understood.

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